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Polls in System

Topic Voters Poll Created bararrowup Open for Voting
PHP Support for the next version of Geeklog 52 08/17 10:41am No
Tell us your opinion about Geeklog 1.6.0 28 11/22 08:01pm No
PHP and MySQL support 1,596 06/28 02:13pm No
Should we add enhancements requiring JavaScript? 391 01/05 02:09pm No
What version of MySQL do you use? 396 01/05 02:08pm No
After the recent security issues, I ... 294 06/03 01:22pm No
What's the best new feature in Geeklog 1.4? 251 03/05 03:40pm No
Are you getting spam on your Geeklog site? 676 11/20 01:27pm No
What kind of spam do you get the most on your Geeklog site? 559 11/20 01:26pm No
Which version of PHP is installed on your server? 1,886 03/25 08:15am No
How long have you been using Geeklog 2,039 08/06 02:14pm No
Would you use Javascript on your GL site? 686 08/06 02:14pm No
What kind of themes do we need more of? 509 05/24 08:46pm No
Is PEAR installed on your webserver? 1,090 12/24 01:52pm No
Where is your site Hosted? 207 09/05 07:55am No
Would you buy Geeklog Services? 434 08/19 12:12pm No
How can you help Geeklog? 209 08/05 04:24pm No
My background is more 104 06/17 04:16am No
How many times have you referred users to Geeklog? 90 06/17 04:15am No
How often do you visit this site? 86 06/11 01:31pm No
How do you use Geeklog? 202 06/02 04:49pm No
What age are you? 245 05/30 11:12am No
Best Retro Arcade Game 539 05/13 08:46am No
Best use for AOL CDs? 1,016 04/06 09:01pm No
Whats the best non geeky passtime? 713 02/20 10:50pm No
Who's Your Favorite GL Developer? 339 01/25 02:05am No
Which version of Geeklog are you using? 302 12/23 03:23pm No
What insane new feature should GL2 provide? 1,333 11/28 05:13pm No
How do you connect to the Net? 1,024 09/11 10:26pm No
Favourite Beverage? 428 08/12 07:04pm No
What is your favorite 1.3.5 theme? 942 07/25 04:47am No
Would you run OSX on an Intel PC if Apple ported it across? 555 04/24 07:41pm No
Which OS do you develop on? 1,027 04/24 07:41pm No
Do you think Geeklog needs to be rewritten? 37 01/26 07:16am No
Have you made your own Geeklog Theme yet? 141 01/22 12:22pm No
So what do you think of GL 1.3? 97 12/31 01:35pm No
What plug-in do you want most? 94 12/17 02:12pm No
What Database System do you prefer? 627 12/06 09:44pm No
What feature do you want to see next? 210 11/06 03:39am No
Do you intend to develop a plugin? 33 10/15 01:35am No