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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, January 17 2017 @ 09:57 am EST

So what do you think of GL 1.3?

1/1: So what do you think of GL 1.3?

Like it!! 24 (24.74%)
Hate it 7 (7.22%)
Haven't tried it 33 (34.02%)
About time! 7 (7.22%)
Sweeeeeet! 26 (26.80%)
Other polls | 97 voters | 2 comments

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  • needs a lot of work
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Wednesday, December 19 2001 @ 06:11 pm EST
Well, it still needs a ton of work... you can get a major performance boost by simply optimizing (ie: setting limits) the sql calls.
  • needs a lot of work
  • Authored by:Tony on Thursday, December 20 2001 @ 05:47 am EST
Arguably you can say that about every weblog out there. The focus of this release was to add some badly needed features. The number of SQL calls with this release is pretty much the same as past releases. We are going to start planning the redesign of the database to start off the new year. That\'s where a lot of performance can be gained. Then we will start looking into code optimization and caching to boost performance.