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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, January 17 2017 @ 10:08 am EST

What Database System do you prefer?

1/1: What Database System do you prefer?

MySQL 468 (74.64%)
PostGres 82 (13.08%)
MSSQL 22 (3.51%)
Oracle 34 (5.42%)
ODBC 6 (0.96%)
Berkly 2 (0.32%)
Other 13 (2.07%)
Other polls | 627 voters | 10 comments

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  • What database system do ou prefer?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Tuesday, October 23 2001 @ 04:27 am EDT
...depends what it is going to be used for and how much dosh you have to spend.

  • What database system do you prefer?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Monday, November 26 2001 @ 06:08 pm EST
how about just using a plain old text file 'database' ? that would be much faster(?)
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Saturday, October 27 2001 @ 07:24 am EDT
The main thing that should be noted when comparing Postgres and mySQL is that mySQL is a lot faster, while Postgres can handle a lot more load, and supports Unicode. mySQL will only support Unicode in the 4.1 release.

I\'d like to see GeekLog ported to Postgres, or perhaps if we make our own database layer (or use an existing solution) we can just choose between mySQL and Postgres in the config file. That way I can make an Arabic site using GeekLog :-)
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Tane on Sunday, October 28 2001 @ 11:39 am EST
Tony is already working on a new layer system, that allows you to select your database at the config level. You just need to have the correct library for that system
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Tony on Monday, October 29 2001 @ 09:10 am EST
The database abstraction layer is built. I'm just need help from a postgresql guru to help build the postgres DDL and write the GL class for it.

If anyone interested please email me.

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Jason on Tuesday, November 06 2001 @ 10:16 am EST
Give me the datails my man! :-) I hate Postgres but I use it here at the office for legacy stuff so it should be no problem for me to knock out.

But of course if someone else is already working on it, ignore this comment... I have other things to work on too.
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Tuesday, November 06 2001 @ 10:06 pm EST
I'm already onto it.

BTW, why do you hate PostgreSQL?

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Sunday, November 04 2001 @ 07:47 pm EST
Even though you can argue that MySQL is faster at blarting raw selects to the screen, as soon as you need transactions, subselects, stored procedures, referential integrity, scalability or a true BSD license, you run into problems.

The thing is even if you start off with MySQL, eventually sites grow and you start adding advanced features that need a more mature DB engine.
  • Postgres vs MySql
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2001 @ 01:04 pm EST
As someone else mentioned, many people start with MySQL and 'grow into' Postgres..

I have had that experience. Initially, PG seemed to have too much unneeded complexity, the configuration was a bit more esoteric (hey we are talking DBMS's here :-) and many of the non-INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT commands were different.

But things like transactions are actually massively more useful that some MySQL advocates would make out. You don't need to be writing a banking application to make transactions extremely useful. Sequences also are a lot more useful than AUTO INCREMENT.

Interesting reading on the pros and cons can be found in this PHPBuilder article. Keep in mind that since that article, many improvements have happened to postgres, including the abolishment of the 8K row limit (I beleive) and stability is now rock-solid. Performance is now right up there too.

I still have lots of respect for MySQL, and I'm using it for my current DB-Driven project. It's speedy, lightweight, and in this particular case it does everything I need.

  • Postgres vs MySql
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Saturday, December 08 2001 @ 11:20 am EST
yeah dure