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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, January 17 2017 @ 09:56 am EST

How do you use Geeklog?

1/1: How do you use Geeklog?

Blog 32 (15.84%)
Family site 33 (16.34%)
Gaming Site 27 (13.37%)
News Site 24 (11.88%)
Tech Site 21 (10.40%)
Company Site 34 (16.83%)
other 31 (15.35%)
Other polls | 202 voters | 6 comments

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  • What is Other?
  • Authored by:Blaine on Thursday, May 15 2003 @ 09:42 am EDT
Great stats we are collecting but if you choose other can you explain how your using Geeklog.


  • What is Other?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Friday, May 16 2003 @ 04:34 am EDT
Personal site and fun portal:)
  • What is Other?
  • Authored by:porras on Friday, May 16 2003 @ 04:54 pm EDT
My (planning to start planning to start playing... some day) rock band.
  • What is Other?
  • Authored by:jlhughes on Thursday, May 29 2003 @ 08:02 pm EDT
I have one "Other" site that serves an elementary school and another "Other" site that serves a competitive soccer club.

At both sites, Geeklog groups are used to tailor content to a specific audience. The security features limiting access are particulary useful at the elementary school.
  • What I mean by "Other"
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Friday, May 16 2003 @ 08:46 pm EDT
I am a writer and use GL to organize my articles/stories/etc on my site - I have tried several times to compile my own package but have never been successful in accomplishing everything GL provided right from the start.

Because of GL I have been contacted by sources that I haven't even thought of submitting to and have completely enjoyed the ease of administration, the full surplus of perks in the package and the unbeatable support that I have received here.

Thanks Geeklog greats for all your help and for an always awesome product!
  • more places!
  • Authored by:etegration on Thursday, May 22 2003 @ 10:45 am EDT
i run geeklog for my office intranet, my tech site @ and recommend to anyone who are into blogging/ CMS!