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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, January 17 2017 @ 09:59 am EST

Which OS do you develop on?

1/1: Which OS do you develop on?

Linux 311 (30.28%)
Windows 2K/XP 212 (20.64%)
Windows 9x/ME 54 (5.26%)
MacOS 250 (24.34%)
Solaris 16 (1.56%)
*BSD 82 (7.98%)
*nix 18 (1.75%)
BeOS 5 (0.49%)
Mixed Environment 79 (7.69%)
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  • Windows mostly
  • Authored by:MLimburg on Saturday, January 26 2002 @ 02:35 am EST
I develop on WindowsXP and serve on Linux. I did serve on a WindowsNT box once, and it worked quite well for the intranet it served.

Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Tuesday, January 29 2002 @ 09:12 am EST
I think this is the first time I\'ve seen the Mac at the top of
this kind of poll? I assume people are using Mac OSX.
  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Monday, February 11 2002 @ 05:58 am EST
i assume some ppl are cheating :)
  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Thursday, February 14 2002 @ 11:02 am EST
really? how so i mean the general macos X sucks due bad drivers and crashes
this guy at the shop had drive problem it keep crashing and it turned out to be the driver included with the OS X disc stupid apple i excepted to better dince it was linux based and all since linux is the most stable os alll out their and all geesh

  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Dirk on Saturday, February 16 2002 @ 01:36 am EST


MacOS X ist not Linux-based. It's based on FreeBSD built around a Mach kernel. And yes, it had it's share of problems in version 10.0.x, but since 10.1 it has proven to be rock-solid.

I have yet to see a decent installation of any Mac or MacOS in a shop (most of the sales people in computer shops are just clueless), so you shouldn't base your judgement on those experiences.

(Sorry, don't want to start in OS flamewar here ...)

bye, Dirk

  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Monday, February 18 2002 @ 07:58 am EST
It\'s been rock solid for me. The first release was slow but 10.1.2 has been great.

Haven\'t had a single hard drive problem using either IDE or SCSI (via 2940W card)

The only problems I\'ve ever had was when I put cheap ram in my G4 and the system
went flakey.

Can\'t hardly blame the OS for me being cheap ;-) Putting in PC133 instead of PC100 Ram
fixed the problem.

I love OS X (then again I\'m an old NeXTSTEP programmer, so I have a bias)

  • What\'s UP with the Mac?
  • Authored by:Jason on Thursday, March 07 2002 @ 11:27 am EST
Don\'t assume it\'s cheating there are quite a few mac based GeekLog sites.

I\'m also a Mac OS X fan! :-)
  • Which OS do you develop on?
  • Authored by:Sillyhat on Monday, October 08 2012 @ 03:09 pm EDT
Hi, i am commenting from year 2012. Just informing that XP still works well enough.