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Media Gallery Public Beta Available

  • Monday, October 24 2005 @ 11:55 am EDT
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  • Views: 8,359
Plugins A beta release of the Media Gallery for Geeklog is now available for public consumption. It is available for download in the Geeklog Download Section or at www.ecsnet.org You can also see it in action at www.ecsnet.org

Media Gallery is a native plugin for Geeklog that provides a full featured media gallery, including photos and movies. If you have any issues with this plugin, please post your comments, feedback, bug reports, etc. in the Plugin Support Forum.


Media Gallery attempts to take advantage of many of the features made available through Geeklog. The feature list includes:

  • Multiple Media Types Supported (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ASF, WMV)
  • Multiple graphics package support (ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD)
  • Center Block (featured album)
  • Autotags for including links / images in stories
  • Comments per media item
  • Upload queuing
  • Random Image block
  • Online Photo Printing Services
  • Geeklog Security Model
  • Multiple methods to add media
    • Direct Upload through Admin Interface
    • Batch FTP Uploading
    • Windows XP Publish to Web (experimental)
  • Flexible Geeklog template support
  • Unlimited Album->Sub Album support
  • Full integration with Geeklog search and stats
The goal is to provide a full featured method to allow webmasters to display their photo's and other media items.

If Media Gallery does not suit your needs, I recommend you look at the Inmemoriam Media Gallery also available for download in the Geeklog Download Section. Each plugin has it's own set of unique features and functions. Now there are simply more options for an true native plugin.

Geeklog Usage Stats [GUS] Plugin 1.5

  • Monday, October 17 2005 @ 11:21 am EDT
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  • Views: 7,493
Plugins Hello all!

I've released a new version of GUS. I highly recommend that everyone upgrade to this version because it contains a security fix. Before you start freaking out, the problem does not allow any kind of compromise of the system - it only allows non-authorised users to view some of the GUS pages.

In this release:

v1.5.0 [13 Oct 2005]

  • [security fix] fixed a problem which might allow non-authorised users to view some stats pages
  • [fix] if you had a file outside the document root which included lib-common.php, the path would not be correct when the stats were entered in the database [introduced in 1.4]
  • [fix] if your $CONF['site_url'] was 'http://foo.com' and someone arrived via 'http://www.foo.com', then 'foo.com' would show up as a referrer in the Who's Online block
  • [fix] sorting columns on today's stats was broken
  • [new] added new config option $_GUS_CONF['allow_ignore_anonymous'] to optimise a bit if you do not need the ability to ignore the user 'Anonymous'
  • [new] added filtering by referrer
  • [new] added some more navigation options to some pages

It is available through my geeklog software page.

- Andy Maloney

Forum Plugin Version 2.5 Release

  • Sunday, October 02 2005 @ 05:39 pm EDT
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  • Views: 12,218

I have just released a test candidate of the GL Native Forum plugin version 2.5. This is the same code that I have been running on my site www.portalparts.com for the past 6 months or so. It's a completely re-vamped look and feel using CSS based buttons instead of images for a cleaner look but also should be a lot easlier to theme for different color schemes.

This is a release for testing so don't use it on a live site unless you are comfortable and able to restore or back out the changes. I've used it for months on my site but there can stll be many conditions that I have still not received enough testing. I will release another version once it has completed sufficient testing. Please post your feedback on my site or here in the plugins support forum.

Besides the change in the look, this version was a major rewrite of the core plugin and added many new features. For a summary of the new features - read on:

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