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phpBBBridge 0.50 Released

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Plugins I would like to announce that the initial version of phpBBBridge has been released! This plugin is designed to integrate phpBB with your Geeklog install.

Please be sure to read over the enclosed readme very carefully. It contains detailed installation instructions as well as very important information about the plugin.

As this is the first release of the phpBBBridge, I would really appreciate any feedback and bug reports. Let me know what you think!

If you would like to test out this integration before downloading, I have the plugin installed at my demo site.

You can download the plugin from Geeklog.net, here, as well as over at my demo site.

SpamX Comment Spam Plugin

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Plugins The Geeklog SpamX plugin was created to fight the problem of comment spam for Geeklog systems. If you are unfamiliar with comment spam you might see look at the discussions in the forum here and see the Comment Spam Manifesto.

The main mechanism SpamX uses to fight comment spam is to use the blacklist created by Jay Allen and Movable type Users - MT-Blacklist. The MT-Blacklist theory is that comment spammers do it to increase their google page rankings and therefore the link is all important. The MT-Blacklist therefore only filters on urls.

The MT-Blacklist is only one part of the Geeklog SpamX plugin however. The SpamX plugin has its own personal blacklist that you can add to. You can use it to filter anything from comments. One option is to import the Geeklog censor list and ban all comments which contain one of those words. This or an expanded list would be usefull for a website that caters to children. The SpamX plugin was built to be expandable to easily adapt to changes the comment spammers might make. There are three types of modules admin, examin and action. A new module is contained in a file and can simply be dropped in and it will be added to the plugin. The modules with which the plugin ships are:

Forum Version 2.3 Final Released

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Plugins After many months of development and four rounds of beta testing, I have released version 2.3 of the Forum Plugin. This version contains many new features and bug fixes and recommended that existing users upgrade their plugin.

I have included several themed versions of the templates and CSS in the download package. The install document includes directions to upgrade and details of the changes, bug fixes and new features.

Many thanks to all those that participated in the betas testing and provided feedback.

The new archive is available in the downloads area here or from my site www.portalparts.com