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My First Premium Plugin: Books

  • Sunday, February 06 2005 @ 08:00 pm EST
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Plugins Hey folks,

I've written my first 'premium' plugin. i.e you have to buy it. I only decided to do that since it is a plugin that can make you money, so I figure if it makes you a bit, it might as well make me a bit, too.

The plugin is simply called 'books', and it allows you to manage a library of books from your website, that automatically link through to that book on any number of online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The site admin can enter as many online retailers as desired, as well as their own affiliate ID for each site in which case books purchased by clicking-though automatically get credited.

Users can add books, and rate the books that are already in the system.

I've got a fair bit more in mind to spice it up. Right now i'm looking for a few alpha users who can test it for free if they like. Then I'll spruce it up based on their feedback, and finally release it.

If interested in Alpha testing, send me email with details about your site.

Try out the plugin on my website, but please only add books on beer and brewing.