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Flickr plugin

  • Sunday, January 08 2006 @ 05:45 am EST
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 17,235

The Flickr plugin displays thumbnails of Flickr photos on your site and links the thumbnails to their photo pages.

All the plugin does is to implement a [flickr:] autotag. You simply add the photo's id and it does all the rest. What is a photo id? When you view a photo on Flickr, the URL looks something like this:


So here "71877803" is the photo's id. Now you simply add that id in the [flickr:] autotag after the colon:


When the story is displayed, it will show the photo's thumbnail instead of the autotag. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the photo page on Flickr (the above URL, in this example).

The plugin will get the photo's title from Flickr and display it as a title attribute when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. If you'd rather provide your own title, simply enter it after the id:

[flickr:71877803 How to make a penguin fly]

And that's pretty much everything the plugin currently does.

GL_Gallery2 Plugin 0.4.0

  • Friday, October 28 2005 @ 03:27 pm EDT
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 12,123
Plugins Since we don't seem to have enough options for photo gallery plugins, I've packaged up a working version of the Geeklog-Gallery2 integration plugin.

It's a bit skimpy on features and documentation at the moment, but my testers seem happy with it up til now! [Thanks Ajay, Wayne, and John!] I'm releasing it because people have been waiting for a long time and I wanted to give them something useful to play with.

This version installs a random photo block by default and allows you the option of having the G2 control block as a geeklog block or left alone as part of the G2 page.

You can get it through my geeklog software page.

-Andy Maloney

Media Gallery Public Beta Available

  • Monday, October 24 2005 @ 11:55 am EDT
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 8,287
Plugins A beta release of the Media Gallery for Geeklog is now available for public consumption. It is available for download in the Geeklog Download Section or at www.ecsnet.org You can also see it in action at www.ecsnet.org

Media Gallery is a native plugin for Geeklog that provides a full featured media gallery, including photos and movies. If you have any issues with this plugin, please post your comments, feedback, bug reports, etc. in the Plugin Support Forum.


Media Gallery attempts to take advantage of many of the features made available through Geeklog. The feature list includes:

  • Multiple Media Types Supported (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ASF, WMV)
  • Multiple graphics package support (ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD)
  • Center Block (featured album)
  • Autotags for including links / images in stories
  • Comments per media item
  • Upload queuing
  • Random Image block
  • Online Photo Printing Services
  • Geeklog Security Model
  • Multiple methods to add media
    • Direct Upload through Admin Interface
    • Batch FTP Uploading
    • Windows XP Publish to Web (experimental)
  • Flexible Geeklog template support
  • Unlimited Album->Sub Album support
  • Full integration with Geeklog search and stats
The goal is to provide a full featured method to allow webmasters to display their photo's and other media items.

If Media Gallery does not suit your needs, I recommend you look at the Inmemoriam Media Gallery also available for download in the Geeklog Download Section. Each plugin has it's own set of unique features and functions. Now there are simply more options for an true native plugin.

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