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Geeklog Usage Stats [GUS] Plugin 1.5

  • Monday, October 17 2005 @ 11:21 am EDT
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Plugins Hello all!

I've released a new version of GUS. I highly recommend that everyone upgrade to this version because it contains a security fix. Before you start freaking out, the problem does not allow any kind of compromise of the system - it only allows non-authorised users to view some of the GUS pages.

In this release:

v1.5.0 [13 Oct 2005]

  • [security fix] fixed a problem which might allow non-authorised users to view some stats pages
  • [fix] if you had a file outside the document root which included lib-common.php, the path would not be correct when the stats were entered in the database [introduced in 1.4]
  • [fix] if your $CONF['site_url'] was 'http://foo.com' and someone arrived via 'http://www.foo.com', then 'foo.com' would show up as a referrer in the Who's Online block
  • [fix] sorting columns on today's stats was broken
  • [new] added new config option $_GUS_CONF['allow_ignore_anonymous'] to optimise a bit if you do not need the ability to ignore the user 'Anonymous'
  • [new] added filtering by referrer
  • [new] added some more navigation options to some pages

It is available through my geeklog software page.

- Andy Maloney