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dual server setup?

  • Tuesday, October 29 2002 @ 03:44 am EST
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Geeklog.net Well, I\'ve done some work with GL and am impressed. I\'ve got the DB hosted on one machine, connected to the web server via a their own private network connection. Very fast, very cool. (I\'ll post pics and a story someday.)

Now, what I\'m wondering is has anybody tried connecting two web servers to the same GL database? If so, would they have to share the same copy of the php scripts or not? As long as they both connect to the same MySQL DB, I\'m thinking everything should be cool.

Fix for broken polls on Mac OS X 10.2

  • Sunday, October 13 2002 @ 02:15 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog.net Polls do not work correctly for virtual sites on Mac OS X 10.2 from a regular install of GeekLog, the only flaw I have yet detected.

Mac OS X sets the environment variable REMOTE_ADDR to the IP of the server, not the remote user! Thus all votes appear to come from the same IP number.

As polls are restricted to one vote per IP number, only one vote can be cast for the entire site.

A quick fix is to put the following line at the beginning
of lib-common.php

which will set REMOTE_ADDR to the correct remote address.

Geeklog on Oracle ??

  • Sunday, August 11 2002 @ 12:07 pm EDT
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Geeklog.net Hi All,

I\'ve recently managed to install Oracle 8.1.7 on my server and am now thinking of moving all my software from MySQL to Oracle. One of these applications is Geeklog. Now my question is... has anybody ever tried this before ? Has anybody any idea if this is feasible (where I consider rewriting all the SQL-statements a bit unfeasible).

Any thoughts are welcome.

Bas van Reeuwijk

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