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Linux Vs. Windows XP in serving and hosting Geeklog?

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Geeklog.net I've been wanting to try Linux for years. Been hesitant though because its simply different. Yesterday I ran across an article which points to Live Evaluation CDs. Basically you can boot Linux up using a CD-ROM.

Within just one hour I've downloaded the Knoppix and SUSE versions and hey, they're pretty good.

Its hard to get an unbiased opinion sometimes but I am thinking about hosting Geeklog on my own machine. Currently I am running Windows XP on a 1.2 Athlon with 512RAM.

XP runs great but how would Linux compare if I decided to install it? I heard its so good IBM installed it on a wris*censored*ch...

Should I notice a difference? Using its GUI (KDE or is it Knome) will I see an improvement if I get around to hosting and serving with it compared to XP?

List Index.PHP first in Apache for exponential increase

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Geeklog.net Guys/KewlPHPGirls

I found an interesting performance tweek that was staring at me the whole time. After noticing 2-4 second delays in page rendering before geelog would load (I noticed geeklog said it loaded in, say .91 seconds yet from the time I hit enter on the web page, it tool 4-7 seconds to load).

For those using Apache, you MUST list index.php first as your DirectoryIndex . This one fix jumped my render time from 4-7sec to the true .91 sec. Mine looks like this now:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html

Take care and happy GL'ing.