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Wiki downtime

  • Thursday, August 31 2006 @ 04:12 pm EDT
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The Geeklog Wiki may be down for a few days while Tom Willet (who's hosting it) is moving. We'll let you know when it's back up.

[Update: It's back up. Thanks, Tom!]

Demo site updated

  • Saturday, November 26 2005 @ 06:44 pm EST
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Those who don't want to install Geeklog 1.4.0b1 just yet can now try it out over on our Demo Site.

Please note that we had to disable a few features for security reasons and so that they can't be misused (e.g. Trackbacks). On the other hand, we did enable a few features that we didn't enable on www.geeklog.net, such as remote authentication and FCKeditor.

A note on the themes: The themes available on the demo site have only been updated with a crude shell script. As a result, some of them may look odd (especially the dark ones). If you've updated a theme for Geeklog 1.4, please upload it here on www.geeklog.net and we will update it on the demo site, too.

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