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LDAP Support?

  • Tuesday, January 08 2002 @ 01:34 pm EST
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Geeklog.net I am playing with LDAP for some IMAP stuff I am doing at work. Eventually I will need to have Geeklog and my IMAP server work together so that account creation, password updates and authentication work seemlessly between the two.

For that it seems that using LDAP makes the most sense. Aside from that it would take Geeklog a long way from being a toy for Geeks to a realistic intranet solution for businesses and organizations that already use LDAP.

On the other hand adding LDAP support could break the KISS principle (Keep-it-Simple-Stupid). What are the pros and cons to adding the LDAP authentication to Geeklog? Would you use it or would it be just a waste of time?

Hosting with openssl & curl lib

  • Friday, December 07 2001 @ 05:14 am EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog.net Hi,
I`m looking for a hosting with the \"openssl\" & \"curl lib\" installed. Always
under linux whith apache, php & mysql.

I need this hosting for install an api php4 for register, modify & update

* The OpenSSL library (required by CURL for SSL support).
Tested with: OpenSSL 0.9.6
OpenSSL: http://www.openssl.org/

* The CURL library (\"libcurl\"). Support for CURL must be compiled into your
PHP installation. Be sure to configure CURL with \"--with-ssl\".
Tested with: libcurl 7.4.1
CURL: http://curl.haxx.se/
PHP instructions: http://www.php.net/manual/ref.curl.php

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Geeklog.org needs a pointer

  • Saturday, October 27 2001 @ 09:38 pm EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog.net Why not point geeklog.org to the sourceforge site, so that it still serves some purpose?

Tane Sez: We did intend to do this, but never got around to it. This will hopefully be done sometime in the near future.

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