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Blocks Now Fully Configurable!

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Geeklog In CVS in the geeklog-1.3 tree there is a version of Geeklog that allows ALL blocks to be fully configurable. You can move blocks to the left or right side and up or down. I have also updated the display preferences so users can hide/show the Upcoming Events, Poll and What\'s new block.

NOTE: if you install the version of geeklog from CVS, it will NOT be compatible with any of the existing plugins right now. Today massive changes to config.php were made and all the plugins use the old config variable names. I hope to update them all between now and the weekend.

US Tragedy

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Announcements On Tuesday September 11th, an insane attack of terror was launched against the United States; ushering a new era of terrorism and counter-terrorism. Thosands have innocent people have died; the action has been declared as an act of War. May all those who have been placed into this living nightmare, know hope, strength and peace.

Red Cross can accept donations via: Amazon : PayPal

Testing the New Look

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Geeklog Okay, 90% of the work is done. Now it\'s down to testing it on multiple platforms and browsers to see how it fares. I\'m going to download a new Opera and an old Netscape to see how it all holds together. I\'ve got a bad feeling about these fonts though. So message below, tell us of how the theme works on your screen. (Updated Fri Sep 14) Just added a bunch of buttons, including a variation on Niri\'s powered button. Thoughts?