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jQuery 1.4 plugin - Add images to your forum

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Plugins The new release of jQuery plugin for Geeklog is available for download.

This new version allows you to easily add images from Mediagallery plugin in your forum. This requires that three plugins are installed (forum, mediagallery and jquery). When you create or reply to a forum post, simply click on the link "Add a document" below the edit window and select the desired media. This new tool works like Mediagallery browser for advanced editor since it is derived.

Note that the code highlighter and ckeditor have been removed from this version of jQuery plugin.

Download jQuery plugin 1.4

jQuery, Maps, Paypal, Classifieds and Vthemes Plugins Updates

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Here are the updated 5 plugins that let you enjoy the new features and security patches.

  • jQuery plugin 1.3.1: Allows you to display images in a lightbox and more
  • Maps plugin 1.2.3: Display google maps on your website, as well as markers and overlays
  • Paypal plugin 1.4.3: open your shop to sell files, subscriptions, articles.
  • Classifieds plugin 1.2: Classifieds Publish in minutes.
  • Vthemes plugin 1.5.3: View the different themes available for your site.

As some code exploits were discovered in TimThumb script which is in all those plugins, it is ask to update as soon as possible. See Dowloads section.

Video Embed FCKeditor Plugin v1.0.0

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Video Embed FCKeditor Plugin will allow you to easily insert embedded videos into your stories and static pages. Once installed, simply press the Video button on your editor toolbar to open Video Embed. Paste your embedded video string, select the alignment and then press INSERT and the video will be placed in the editor window.

How to install this plugin

  • Firstly extract the archive to the public_html/fckeditor/editor/plugins directory
  • Add the plugin to your FCKeditor by opening you 'public_html/fckeditor/myconfig.js' file. Add the following statement: FCKConfig.Plugins.Add('ImageManager');
  • Add embed to Additional HTML for Adv. Editor in the Geeklog's config >> Miscellaneous >> HTML Filtering
  • Done. (Should the toolbar icon not appear, try to clear your browser's cache)

Download Video Embed FCKeditor plugin