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Report from the IKS Workshop in Amsterdam

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IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack) is an initiative to help Content Management Systems enrich their content with semantic information (think Semantic Web). The initiative, which is in part funded by the European Union, has now reached a point where a first usable version is available. The IKS Project is running an early adopters program and a series of workshops to help get CMS vendors become familiar with the system and so that they can provide early feedback.

One such workshop was held on December 9 + 10 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I (Dirk) attended this workshop, representing Geeklog, to try and get a better idea of what this project is all about.

A new slogan (and other news)

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Three months from now, Geeklog will celebrate its 10th birthday. If you've never done it before, you may want to scroll down to the end of the history file that ships with Geeklog and look at the first entry there, dated June 17, 2000.

A lot has changed in those 10 years. Lots of new CMS have sprung up. Some have disappeared again, others have overtaken Geeklog. But despite claims to the contrary, we are still here, alive and kicking. Another thing that hasn't changed is our focus on security. Geeklog's original author, Jason Whittenburg, wrote it for a security portal after all. This heritage has always been our guideline in developing Geeklog, sometimes (as some may say) even to the point of inconveniencing our users for the sake of security. Geeklog provides a feature set comparable to that of other CMS, but security was always the feature that would set us apart.

So we've decided to (finally) reflect that in our slogan as well. After some brainstorming on the geeklog-devel mailing list, the winning entry was

Geeklog - The secure CMS.

Yes, that's a bold claim. And we fully expect that someone out there will see that as a challenge. We're aiming high and we're confident that with the help of our great user community we'll achieve the goal implicit in this new slogan.

Geeklog at FrOSCon 2009

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FrOSCon is an Open Source Conference taking place on August 22. + 23. in Sankt Augustin (near Bonn) in Germany. Geeklog will have booth there again this year.

FrOSCon offers a full program of presentations about various topics related to Open Source usage and development. Many other Open Source projects will also have booths, giving you a chance to chat with the developers and representatives from the communities.

At the Geeklog booth, we will be showing off the current version of Geeklog and also give you a sneak preview of upcoming new features, such as the results from this year's Google Summer of Code. So If you have a chance, drop by and say Hi!