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Performance Tuning

  • Thursday, December 20 2001 @ 06:13 am EST
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Geeklog Tomorrow I am planning on releasing Geeklog 1.3.1 which will be nothing more than a bunch of minor bug fixes. I\'d like to see the release after that really get after improving performance in Geeklog. I can categorize Geeklog\'s performance problems into two categories: 1) Database-related and 2) Template-related.

I know some of you Geeklog Admins have good PHP Kung-fu so I\'d like to see what some of you are capable of doing to help boost Geeklog\'s performance. It doesn\'t matter how big or small the change is as long as it speeds things up. Take a page or two (or however many) and see if you can squeeze out some speed. If you can get something that impoves the speed by at least 0.1 of a second then post here how you did it. Any posted suggestions will be looked at and possibly added to the first post 1.3.1 release. To help, you can use the timer class in your /path/to/geeklog/system/classes/ directory or you can simply use the time output at the bottom of every page.

Let\'s see if we can\'t speed this bad-boy up!

New User and Groups

  • Wednesday, December 19 2001 @ 03:01 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
  • Views: 4,832
Geeklog When adding a new user it automactically gets access to user Group.

So I added a new group however it doesn\'t appear on the drop down box for story rights.

Basically when publishing new stories I want our Clan news not viewable to the public.

So is there a way to list the group you created in the drop down boxes?

Geeklog 1.3 vs. Other Weblogs

  • Tuesday, December 18 2001 @ 12:35 pm EST
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Geeklog Not too long ago this article ran here and it was a *very* hot topic. I figured with the release of Geeklog 1.3 this would be a good time to revisit how the new version of Geeklog stacks up to the other weblogs. I want to use your input, in part, to help figure out how us developers can make the 2.0 planning process more productive so that we get all the pertinent features into the 2.0 design.

So, how does Geeklog stack-up? What is missing? What needs improvement? And what does Geeklog do well that we want to preserve in future releases?

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