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Problems with calendars

  • Friday, December 28 2001 @ 01:04 pm EST
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Geeklog I\'ve installed Geeklog twice on a test web server and have run across the same problems. It could well be me as I\'m unused to Linux, Apache, PHP etc. but I\'ve managed to get a few other systems working okay.

As an indicator, when I bring up a calendar, the \'small\' calendars either side of the month have links which go to \'/calendar.php...\' instead of \'/geeklog/public_html/calendar.php...\'. It seems that in that module, the use of $_CONF[\'site_url\'] returns a blank string when used in a function (like getSmallCalendar) but the correct value in the main part of the code.

I don\'t know anything about PHP so cannot really debug any better. Can you tell me what I\'ve done wrong here.

One other possible clue: in the \'Display Preferences\' section, there are no Themes in the drop-down box.

Hope someone can help (and if this is a bug, I\'ll post it but I assumed I\'d followed the quickie instructions wrongly).


Somebody think about cache?

  • Wednesday, December 26 2001 @ 11:18 am EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog I seen another weblog product, maybe phpweblog, who use a kind of "cache"... the first user pregenerate the php and save everithing in a cache directory... I think this could help if you have a lot of visits and you don't want to hit the database for every user... think about this: If you use database in you home page, every visitor hit your database... in that case I suggest two things:
  • Move all the database content to anoter place
  • Put cache o someting like cache
Now I can imagine at least two ways to implement this:
  • Regenerate cache automatically every XXX minutes/hours
  • Regenerate cache every XXXX hits
    • Of course, this could be dangerous because your site doesn't refresh everithing, but think about saving CPU, fast resolved pages... if you thing big, you need to handle this. Regards... Fercho.-

Performance Tuning

  • Thursday, December 20 2001 @ 06:13 am EST
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Geeklog Tomorrow I am planning on releasing Geeklog 1.3.1 which will be nothing more than a bunch of minor bug fixes. I\'d like to see the release after that really get after improving performance in Geeklog. I can categorize Geeklog\'s performance problems into two categories: 1) Database-related and 2) Template-related.

I know some of you Geeklog Admins have good PHP Kung-fu so I\'d like to see what some of you are capable of doing to help boost Geeklog\'s performance. It doesn\'t matter how big or small the change is as long as it speeds things up. Take a page or two (or however many) and see if you can squeeze out some speed. If you can get something that impoves the speed by at least 0.1 of a second then post here how you did it. Any posted suggestions will be looked at and possibly added to the first post 1.3.1 release. To help, you can use the timer class in your /path/to/geeklog/system/classes/ directory or you can simply use the time output at the bottom of every page.

Let\'s see if we can\'t speed this bad-boy up!

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