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Problems with calendars

  • Friday, December 28 2001 @ 01:04 pm EST
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Geeklog I\'ve installed Geeklog twice on a test web server and have run across the same problems. It could well be me as I\'m unused to Linux, Apache, PHP etc. but I\'ve managed to get a few other systems working okay.

As an indicator, when I bring up a calendar, the \'small\' calendars either side of the month have links which go to \'/calendar.php...\' instead of \'/geeklog/public_html/calendar.php...\'. It seems that in that module, the use of $_CONF[\'site_url\'] returns a blank string when used in a function (like getSmallCalendar) but the correct value in the main part of the code.

I don\'t know anything about PHP so cannot really debug any better. Can you tell me what I\'ve done wrong here.

One other possible clue: in the \'Display Preferences\' section, there are no Themes in the drop-down box.

Hope someone can help (and if this is a bug, I\'ll post it but I assumed I\'d followed the quickie instructions wrongly).


Somebody think about cache?

  • Wednesday, December 26 2001 @ 11:18 am EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog I seen another weblog product, maybe phpweblog, who use a kind of "cache"... the first user pregenerate the php and save everithing in a cache directory... I think this could help if you have a lot of visits and you don't want to hit the database for every user... think about this: If you use database in you home page, every visitor hit your database... in that case I suggest two things:
  • Move all the database content to anoter place
  • Put cache o someting like cache
Now I can imagine at least two ways to implement this:
  • Regenerate cache automatically every XXX minutes/hours
  • Regenerate cache every XXXX hits
    • Of course, this could be dangerous because your site doesn't refresh everithing, but think about saving CPU, fast resolved pages... if you thing big, you need to handle this. Regards... Fercho.-

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