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Compatibility of plugins with Geeklog 2.2.1+ and included ReCAPTCHA Plugin

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I see that the ReCAPTCHA plugin is now included with Geeklog, which is great.

But I'm also using the OGP and Forum plugins, and I'm having trouble determining whether those plugins are compatible with Geeklog 2.2.1 and 2.2.1sr1.

I'm especially concerned about this because of the security fixes in 2.2.1sr1. I normally install security updates immediately, but if 2.2.1sr1 is going to cause problems with OGP and Forum, what can I do?

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Hi jrivett,

Sorry for the late reply we were just testing a few things.

For OGP we just released an update and it works with the new reCaptcha plugin enabled fine. For the release see: [article:https://www.geeklog.net/article.php/geeklog-plugins-that-support-v2-2-1]

For the Forum v2.9.3 I had thought the new reCaptcha Plugin was backwards compatible but cannot confirm that at the moment. The reCaptcha testing keys are not working as expected to I cannot test the Forum v2.9.3 on Geeklog 2.2.1sr1 with reCaptcha enabled for the forum posts on my Development server.

Are you able to test this type of setup?

Update: 2020-04-22 - The new reCaptcha Plugin is not backwards compatible. See post below.

If you cannot test it then you have 3 options at the moment until we can figure things out.

Option 1
Either wait until we have figured out if it is compatible or wait until the Forum v2.9.4 is released (which is compatible)

Option 2
Add to your original forum functions.inc file (for Forum v2.9.3) the following code

Text Formatted Code
function plugin_supportsRecaptcha_forum()
    global $CONF_FORUM;

    $CONF_FORUM['recaptcha'] = 1;

    return [
            'type'    => 'forum',
            'version' => (isset($CONF_FORUM['recaptcha']) ? (int) $CONF_FORUM['recaptcha'] : RECAPTCHA_SUPPORT_V2_INVISIBLE),
            'form_id' => 'forumform',

This code should add support for the new recaptcha plugin but at the moment I cannot test it.

Option 3
Upgrade the Forum v2.9.4 after you have upgraded to Geeklog 2.2.1sr1. It is close to being finished and shouldn't have anymore database updates. But since it is not officially released you will have to update all the forum files again once the release is official.

If you plan to update the forum using one of these options remember to backup your database and files just incase anything happens so you can revert your site to the old version if need be incase you run into problems.
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So it has been confirmed that the reCaptcha plugin that ships with Geeklog v2.2.1+ is not compatible with with the way the older reCaptcha plugin determines if to display the reCaptcha or not.

This means with older plugins that are compatible with Geeklog v2.2.1 will still work but will not be able to use reCaptcha unless you add a small piece of code. The code for the Forum plugin can be found in the post above in Option 2.

It is recommended that you update to the latest version of Greklog v2.2.1sr1 since it has a number of security fixes. After the update with the new code the Forum plugin will be able to use the reCaptcha.

If you (or anyone else) has any other reCaptcha problems (either with the forum or another plugin that uses reCaptcha) let me know by replying to this topic and I will help out. Big Grin

By the way the updated reCaptcha plugin makes it much easier going forward to allow any plugin to have access to the reCaptcha. Bbefore the reCaptcha plugin itself had to be updated to offer support for another plugin.
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