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PHPBB Bridge help needed by a very annoyed newbie

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Quote by: Anon

Just curious, why do you guys choose phpBB over the Geeklog's new Forum 2.6RC1? Is it because it is still an RC or because there are specific features that you want from phpBB? I am just wondering why you would rather go through a great hassle to install phpBB bridge.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am going for phpBB on the current site under development because I need the functionality of the mail2forum mod which needs phpBB (doesn't work with the GL Forum so far as I am aware - I did ask if there was a GL equivalent before starting out on this journey!). phpBB and mail2forum mean that my mailing list messages (using mailman) can be displayed on the website and equally messages from the mailing list go back to the email list (that is the theory - need to sit down and work on this to get it all up and running!). So, in short, I am trying to integrate two aspects of my service - mailing list and forum into my existing Geeklog site.


Basiccaly the Geeklog Forum doen't have the features I require for our forum were phpbb does. I would prefer to use SMF but it seems there is no bridge for SMF. I'm still struggling to get PHPBB working with the mods I need but plodding on to get it working.

There are someof the problems I have with the geeklog forum:

Inability to disallow Private Messasges until a certain level is reached
Inability to stop other members from viewing everyones profile until a certain level is reached
Inability to display country flags of where the member is from on posts
Inability to convert data from SMF to the geeklog forum
Inability to display IM status from various IM programs used.
Inablity to spell check

We are a non profit youth association who are prayed upon by perverted sicko's so keeping then out is our number one priority.

The geelkog part is all up and running with all the static pages, news storues etc all converted over from our ould site. Just having mega hassles with the phpbb mods now, then the big hurdle, converting the data across from our old SMF.

Hope that answers your questions.

World Peace by 2020

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