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I've decided that I might use the geeklog as apart of my website... It was nice that my hosting company made it so that install would be easy... all I had to do is click on install and wait a few mins for it to be ready. now my question is... When the time comes to finally transfer the geeklog to my index... how can I do it without having people to view the /geeklog/public_html//index.php portion of it?

I'm a novice so please explain it simple and easy so I can understand.

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I'm not sure that I entirely understand what you're asking....but I have a setup on one of my websites where the home page of the site is NOT the index page of Geeklog. Is that what you're after? If so, it's just a matter of putting Geeklog into a separate directory and altering your paths in the config.php file to match.

For example, I have Geeklog in a directory off the root called /community. I therefore have:

$_CONF['path_html'] set to '/path/to/your/webroot/community/'

and also:
$_CONF['site_url'] set to 'http://www.yourdomain.com/community'

Hope this makes sense. Very Happy
Regards Jill

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The fact that your geeklog was installed such that getting to the homepage requires you to use the url http://yourdomain.com/geeklog/public_html/index.php implies to me that your host provider knows nothing about geeklog and the "easy" install they provided for you may or may not be properly setup. It is unlikely to be secure. Here's an easy test. What happens if you enter this URL in a browser: http://yourdomain.com/geeklog/config.php ? If you can access this file in anyway through normal web surfing, your site will not be secure.

Geeklog really isn't that hard to install yourself and I think you will find that you'll understand geeklog faster if you do the install yourself. Check out the resources links on the left side of these pages. Read the documentation and FAQs and try installing Geeklog yourself. Along the way, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them here (but use the search facility first to see if someone else hasn't had the same difficulty).

Good Luck.

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