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Integration w/ Invision Power Board

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I run a site with ~8500 members using Invision Power Board. We currently have a Wiki that while it's serving our needs, it could be much better. I've been using Geeklog on some other sites and I'd like to use it to replace our Wiki. The one thing I'm considering doing though is integrating Geeklog with Invision.

Let me stress one thing.

I do not want Geeklog to control the forums.

As much as I like this CMS, Invision is designed 100% as forum software and I dont think the Geeklog plugin even compares (no offense). Anyways, I did a search and found some threads, but all of them were old.

So I pose the following questions: Have there been any advancements of integrating the two pieces of software together? If not, I will start development on this soon as I think it'd be great. Here is my plan:

Invision Power Boards will still be my main forum. Invision will also be my user database.
Geeklog will manage the external features. The 'Static Page' plugin will take over our Wiki. Static Pages, from what I've seen, can have a group of users that can change them. So now instead of having anonymous wiki pages, users would just have to request to be part of the group.
Geeklog can also manage our news site now as well.

As far as integration, the biggest will be the user database. I'm picturing the groups can also be somewhat integrated, but I'm not worried about that as much as I am the users. I dont want all my members to have two logins to our sites (We already have 2 logins which I'm in the process of combining).

Thanks for any help.

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Same as dz. I'd like to use my IPB (already running as a stand-alone installation) on my Geeklog site, just integrating it on screen but not necessarily as a plugin. Is it possible?


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I think it is a good idea to take geeklog instead of a wiki. I wonder f you really have to integrate the two pieces of software. Maybe they could work parallel?

The two logins would only be for those administrating geeklog, probably just a few people.

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