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GL 1.3.11 draft date bug?


Hi all,

We recently upgraded to GL1.3.11 at http://www.worldfootynews.com and only allow the Professional theme.

I've just noticed that when I prepare a story and save as draft, when I return and finish it and undraft it, regardless of what date I set, the date is re-set to "now", so it is immediately visible to readers. So I quickly have to go back in and fix the date.

This is made worse in that we have an RSS feed, and so some people are seeing headlines for stories that were supposed to be released (someone has already emailed a bunch of people with the link that immediately I made unavailable when fixing the date).

This seems such a major issue that I wonder if it is a bug or I'm missing something. I couldn't find any reference to it in the forums. Any ideas?


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That was a deliberate change, but I've stumbled across it myself a few times now.

It seemed like a good idea to update the story's time to the current time, since it would look odd if a, say, story from 4 hours ago suddenly appeared on the site. But then again it prevents you from actually setting the story's time to a value of your choice.

Submit a bug report or feature request ...

bye, Dirk


Thanks Dirk,

It sounds like one of those good ideas that actually take control away from the User which might be fine for the way some people use it but not others. Basically it means I can't use draft mode anymore otherwise I'll have RSS invalid announcements firing off and users seeing stories appear for a few seconds then disappear. Something that I really liked about GL was that I could set stories for the future, so I could spread them out rather than have 5 in one day then none for a week.

OK, I'll lodge a bug report and stop using draft for now.


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