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Difficulties installing Geeklog on Shared Server at pair.com


I've been wrestling with this for a while.

I decided to give Geeklog a try. I had used the online demo at
geeklog.net and really liked the new features of 1.3.10 which was
released at the end of November.

I see that my webhost, pair.com sort of endorses Geeklog and has some
support pages for it. But the problem is that the pair.com install and install
instructions are for version 1.3.7sr2.

So my first problem is that I do not want to install the old version but
only the new version. Of course this leads to problem 2 which is that
pair.com only provides an install script for the old version. (Hello
Pair...can this be upgraded to the newest version)

Problem 3 is that if I attempt to install the old version using Pairs
install script, geeklog wants to create another public_html directory
inside of my domain's directory which effectively breaks my existing
website because the domain needs to be remapped for geeklog to work.
So apparently I need to move my entire existing website inside the
public_html" directory that Geeklog requires? I'd rather not have to do this
And what if I have existing directories and files that conflict with what
Geeklog puts in there?

This has my brain so scrambled I can't see straight.

I presume that geeklog "requires" this convoluted installation to make
it more secure or something. But for someone who isn't as swift on paths
and such, it makes things very difficult.

I read a thread that implied that the newer version of geeklog no longer
requires this domain remmapping and such. Any truth to that? Is there a
simpler way to install Geeklog into an existing domain without having to
mess with domain remapping? Is anyone aware of any installation
instructions that are more comprehensible to a newbie?

Thanks in advance.


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If you already have a public_html directory, then the contents of Geeklog's public_html directory should go into yours.

There's a longish paragraph in the installations instructions trying to explain what that directory is all about.

A picture that may help can be found in the Wiki. At the end of that article there's also a link to an alternative set of installation instructions written by a user.

bye, Dirk


I have read everything I can find on installation. None of it makes it clear to me.

My main problem I think is understanding the correct paths.

When I telnet to my host, login and issue a ls , I see this...

Text Formatted Code
autoresponse.txt        mail                    www_logs
backup                  mbox
log_config              public_html

The path that shows when I issue pwd is there as well. Is that considered my document root?

Now, the public_html that you see is -not- the public_html that Geeklog installs, that is the public_html directory where all the websites that I manage reside. So I have maybe 12 different domains under my account.

So does this information make it any easier for someone to explain the correct paths to put into the config.php file?

When I go to cd public_html and do a ls, I get the following...
Text Formatted Code

%cd public_html
WEBALIZER_REPORTS       hagetailorshop          private
autoresponse.txt        hymnsofworship          silklimousine
boatyardgrill           index.html              specialdayfavors
cayugaimages            lakewatchinn            testimonials.html
cgi-bin                 latourelleinn           thebarnparty
cms                     mambo                   txp
cnyweddings             mcgrawhouse             www_reports
demo                    michaelerb              xaraya
dollarassociates        phpcms                  yabbse
ez                      phpinfo.php             zappia
foxglovebnb             pn                      zen


The directory that I actually want to install Geeklog in is michaelerb
But I do not want Geeklog to replace my website, I want to be able to provide a link from my existing website to my blog. So that means that I need to change the Geeklog public_html directory to something else, such as "gl". Is that correct thinking?

This is where I get confused. Can someone help me out here?


I just found out something else that confuses me even more...

When I cd to michaelerb, which is where I want geeklog installed, and issue a pwd, I see this:
Text Formatted Code
%cd michaelerb

Now how did my path go from

This is what is messing me up.


Happy to say that I finally got it installed just the way I wanted. I plan to write a tutorial on this to help others who are as dense as I am.


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