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just want to ask whether I am the only one who cannot use subfolders properly in geekary. Maybe I hacked it to death ...
If I use subfolders I do not see the pics in the overview and if I choose a category I do not get the subcategories.
Sometimes it does not even allow me to upload pics in a subfolder
Using the latest (1.3) geekary.
Is there actually another gallery that supports gdlib

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I've started using geekary on a private site I run, and it's even buggier than Geeklog (no offense to the Geeklog folks). That said, I like how much better it integrates with Geeklog compared with Gallery (by letting you have comments on pictures for instance).

The only problem you mention that sounds at all familiar to me is the inexplicable rejection of some uploads. I've fixed one bug that caused JPEGs to get rejected; I opened a bug track entry and uploaded a patch for it here: Geekary Rejecting JPEG Images

There's also a problem with some newly-created albums ("Geekegories") that causes all file types to be made invalid for a the album even though you checked all the file type checkboxes when creating it; I still haven't fixed that one because I only became convinced of its existance today.

I don't recognize any of the other problems you describe, but here's a few other bugs I've opened and submitted patches for, though no one's even acknowleged my bug track enties yet:

Geekary fails to refresh after submitting comment
Geekary Edit and Geekard Buttons Fail to Load

More recently I've fixed some problems with the handling of accounts that have "Geekegory" privileges but not "Geekary" privileges and problems handling file names with various special characters; perhaps if my other fixes ever get accepted I'll submit patches for these.

Good luck,

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Quote by michaelaskew: here's a few other bugs I've opened and submitted patches for, though no one's even acknowleged my bug track enties yet

The author of the Geekary has been MIA for almost a year now (and the domain he used for his site isn't even registered any more), so I guess it's safe to say that this plugin isn't supported any more.

Since you seem to be working on it anyway, why don't you continue its development? It's open source after all ...

bye, Dirk

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