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Group without login priveleges?

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I would like to have a way to set a user account so they cannot log in. I don\'t want to delete the account as there may be stories, etc. related to that user. As well, I don\'t want to disable new signups. Is there any possible way that I might be able to create a group called \"No-Login\" which would deny a user login capabilities if they are a member of this group? Because I run a paid subscription based system, I cannot delete the accounts, but if their subscription runs out, I want to be able to deny them login access until their subscription is renewed. The best way for me to do this based on my current setup is to just change their group membership when their subscription expires, since my billing system is integrated with GL and is an automated process. If this is not currently possible, could someone provide me and everyone else that is interested in this functionality with some code that would be a working solution? I\'m not afraid of editing files, but I am afraid of breaking the system with the wrong code. I\'m running GeekLog v1.3.7sr2 but I\'m assuming the code would not differ in the new 1.3.8xxxx releases. I am not a coder, so I am probably not the best person to write the code and contribute it. How I see it working is as follows: 1. User enters username and password. 2. Authentication process checks to see if user is a member of \"No-Login\" 3. If username is member of \"No-Login\" a message is displayed saying their subscription is expired and they must renew it.... yada yada yada.... 4. If username is not a member of \"No-Login\", then the standard authentication routine runs. This routine would also work for people who are having problems with certain users and would like to ban them for a certain time period as opposed to deleting their accounts or having to deny their IP address. Does this make any sense? Thanks.

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Have you looked at the User Banning Hack?

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Quote by mysitemain:I would like to have a way to set a user account so they cannot log in.
Another way to get the same effect could be to assign all your stories and topics (and possibly other things) to a \"paying members\" group. I.e. someone who isn\'t in that group can still log in, but won\'t be able to see any stories. bye, Dirk

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