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geekary prob.. just me?


Am I the only person getting this error? After a user submits a comment on a geekage, it DOES submit the comment but then it displays an error instead of the results page. I presume after you submit a comment it\'s supposed to divert back to the geekage\'s page.. eg: /geekary/geekage.php?id=20030818100736965&cat_id=1 But mine diverts to: /geekary/geekage.php?id=34&cat_id= (yes the cat id is missing in the url) and i get the following error: --- Access Denied An error was encountered --- followed by an empty comments block. Anyone know whats going wrong? and if I need to fix the diversion process, where and how?


I\'m getting the same problem. Does anyone have the solution to this problem?


I tracked down this problem, Geeklog 1.3.8 made a change in the PLG_handlePluginComment fuction, or it could be a mistake.

To fix:

replace line 274 in public_html/comments.php with these lines:

if ($type=="geekary&quotWink {
$retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $sid, 'save'Wink;
} else {
$retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, 'save'Wink;

then replace line 347 with these:

if ($type=="geekary&quotWink {
DB_delete ($_TABLES['comments'], 'cid', $cid);
$retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $sid, 'delete'Wink;
} else {
$retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, 'delete'Wink;

you can see that $cid needs to be $sid in the savecomment function. and also geeklog 1.3.8 apparently won't delete comments for plugins anymore, so you need to add the DB_delete line for Geekary.

everything works great with these hacks.
hope it helps you.

~Jonny Fire


to be clear about the line you are replacing: in comment.php line 274 was: $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, \'save\'); replace with: if ($type==\"geekary\" ) { $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $sid, \'save\'); } else { $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, \'save\'); } line343 (or347 if you already made the first replacement) was: $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, \'delete\'); replace with: if ($type==\"geekary\" ) { DB_delete ($_TABLES[\'comments\'], \'cid\', $cid); $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $sid, \'delete\'); } else { $retval = PLG_handlePluginComment ($type, $cid, \'delete\'); }

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