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Arrow If you enable a the custom account form and the user go to have a registration without put a email in email form the the gl ask to the user to put a correct email but now he table include only the nickname and email form without the custom account form. a bad way to make it up is ... in the file user.php i modified.. function newuserform($msg = \'\') { global $LANG04, $_CONF; $retval = \'\'; if (!empty ($msg)) { $retval .= COM_startBlock ($LANG04[21], \'\', COM_getBlockTemplate (\'_msg_block\', \'header\')) . $msg ; //*kyanos. pros8e8ike giana enfaneizei se periptoseis min eisagogeis stixeion ksana tin custom forma if ($_CONF[\'custom_registration\'] AND (function_exists(custom_userform))) { $retval .= custom_userform(\'new\'); } else { $retval .= newuserform($msg); } //*kyanos. end AND custom_usercheckdata()) { $username = trim ($username); Geek any beter idea Question

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See the thread in the Cool Hacks forum. This is the issue I was talking about with blaine. It is because in users.php, createuser(), if a bad email is entered, it only shows the newuserform(). You need to check for a custom_userform(). Around line 535 of users.php is this:
} else { $retval .= COM_siteHeader (\'Menu\') . newuserform ($LANG04[18]) . COM_siteFooter(); }
You need to change to:
} else { $retval .= COM_siteHeader (\'Menu\'); if ($_CONF[\'custom_registration\'] AND (function_exists(custom_userform))) { $retval .= custom_userform (\'new\', \'\', $LANG04[18]); } else { $retval .= newuserform ($LANG04[18]); } $retval .= COM_siteFooter(); }

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