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Java Chat for GL Block v.1.1 released!

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Maximus of http://darja.2y.net has released version 1.1 of his excellent chat block! Notes from maximus himself...

Version 1.1 of ChatBlock is out!
Added some better control, multiple guest users, logging, most variables at top of file, password functionality, and fixed the site-sharing name boink!

Also all my 'standard' features: guest lockout, optional headers, etc.

Finally check out my site at http://www.gxblock.com for more blocks by maximus, GeekDownloads, and register to try out my phpbb2 project. Thank you for your support and feel free to leave suggestions for improvement.



Entropy chat came free with my server (although it has ads at the top) but it fits nicely in a staticpage. I did a quick search on google but couldn't find their homepage, so I don't know what the license etc. is. http://euans.net/ The chat is installed with a simple form which includes Nick Name: <input type="text" name="nick" value=""> I guess you could try passing the geeklog username to this somehow? Anyway, this makes a quick and clean chat solution for anyone looking. Euan.

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I use the same one - from chatfiles.com. I posted an article on this a few days ago.
I've been researching solutions for a client and I didn't like the external java solutions.

I have since found and IRC client as well at www.webmaster.com
This client can also be imbedded right into a staticpage as the webchat client from chatfiles. Their free IRC client (Backpack) only connects to thier IRC server but they have upwards of 30,000 people connecting (really).

For paying client projects, check out their Enterprise version and setup your own IRC server to host your company private discussions, project discussions or 1:1 conversations. It's quite reasonably priced - of course then, you can fully customize it and remove any ads.

My $.02,



embedded chat is possible with Babylonchat, it's just not someting I considered as many of my users have the same OS/Browser combination I do and for some reason, this combo is fatal for embedded chat JAVA. You can enable this option in the chat.php file, change line 101 <param name="embed"... the no becomes a yes and it calls babylonchat as an embedded java window, the chat appears -in- the popup window. babylon is still ugly, but it does what I needed it to. I wrote the block just for my site, but feel free to d/l it anyway and hack it up as you like. There is only a couple of additional features I want in it, so when I ad those I'll be putting out v1.2 (the final one before our java guy goes to work on our copy of babylonchat to see what he can do about making it pretty. I'm unsure if the license will allow me to distribute an altered version.) I still highly recommend trying out all your options before deciding which one you like. There are a couple of Irc interfaces, as efarmboy suggests, and that's yet another avenue to explore. You can find what you want and not have to pay for it, somewhere. You'll just have to put some effort into it somehow. *JAVA is _still_ the devil*

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