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Site Crashed! Database Problem


Mon Dec 16 13:33:28 2002 - 1062: Duplicate entry 'Dec' for key 3 SQL in question: INSERT INTO gl_userstats Set uid='1' This is the error i get, i know why it's crying but have no clue howta fix it. As a last resort, how do u get back to the latest backed up database, so that u have site running smoothly again? thx alot...

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Sorry, you're not giving too much information ... What happened? What did you do? Which version of Geeklog?

To restore a backup, drop your old database and import the backup, either with phpMyAdmin (you might run into timeouts there, depending on how big the backup is) or from the command line:

mysql -uusername -ppassword -Ddatabase_name < i>your_backup.sql

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I found it's the user Statistics plugin causing the error I had my site do that just yesterday too... bug in code? Here's what i did. There's a table called gl_ignoreip which contains all the ip's the stats engine will ignore. add your ip to there, or update it to the one you're currently using (dynamic ip) Then you should be able to access the site like normal. Now go and turn off the Stats logging plugin. Not sure what a solution for it is, but at least it gets the site back up. (coadmin - Queen's University Sci'06)

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Everything was plugging along fine for me and this exact same thing happened. I did what a previous poster said to do by adding my current (dynamic IP) to the IP Ignore table through PHPMyAdmin and I was able to access the site again and then immediately disabled the stats plugin. I was using the latest stats plugin. Any ideas why this may be happening? Any fixes? That is a nice plugin. Thanks, Mark

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