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A wee bit of a problem


Well now, I've installed geeklog, and the installation seems to have gone well, until it passes me on to the success.php page. After that, none of the php pages on my site are visible. It's not that they're not there, it's that they have no content besides html tags. For a closer inspection, please visit: http://www.goldentaco.org I have checked, double-checked and dropped/reinstalled the MYSQL database tables, so I know that they are installing correctly. here is some information from my config.php: $_CONF['path'] = '/home/banhorn/goldentaco-www/geeklog-1.3.5sr2/'; $_CONF['path_system'] = $_CONF['path'] . 'system/'; $_CONF['path_html'] = '/home/banhorn/goldentaco-www/'; *as you can see I've copied all the pubhtml directory to the root of my web directory. url section: $_CONF['site_name'] = 'goldentaco'; $_CONF['site_slogan'] = 'Where Tacos Meet'; $_CONF['site_mail'] = 'admin@goldentaco.org'; $_CONF['site_url'] = 'http://www.goldentaco.org'; $_CONF['site_admin_url'] = $_CONF['site_url'] . '/admin'; from lib-common.php: require_once('/home/banhorn/goldentaco-www/geeklog-1.3.5scr2/config.php'); Now, according to the documentation and my logic I think everything should be working. Please find something wrong with what I have done, because I won't know what to do if it's a problem with my host's server. Wink Thanks for any help you can give me. -Shorty

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In other words: You get blank pages. In almost all cases this means that the path to config.php in your lib-common.php is wrong. Please double check that one. bye, Dirk


It's because I of the numbers I had in the directory. I changed it to geeklog, and everything ran fine. Thanks, -Shorty

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