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Just got this great piece of code working on my domain http://www.warpgate.co.uk but am suffering with things floating down the page... see http://www.warpgate.co.uk/article.php?story=20020712162125673 for a quick example (this happens on loads of pages) the middle column does not top align ??? is this a fault on my behalf... and how can I fix it so that the middle column is top aligned on every page... Also noted that the text on static pages dont have the boarder round them like other stories ??? can I fix this so they all look the same ??? again I would love some help.. Big Thanks in advance.. Warpy

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For some reason, your HTML contains this line: <td width="100%" $TT8gn="top"> which should really read <td width="100%" valign="top"> Don't know how that could happen, but look for that piece of code at the end of layout/XSilver/header.thtml bye, Dirk


That sorted it "BIG THANKS".... Must have got mangled during the uplaod???? one of those bizzare things.... (just a normal thing for my site <grin> ) Anyways thank you..


Hi, A quick hack to create static pages using a table for the main page is to take a look at how pages like 404.php work - for a quick run-down, see the annotated code from below (taken from 404.php): --- header section --- <?php require_once('lib-common.php'); $display = COM_siteHeader('menu'); --- header section end --- This section sets up the header and left blocks for your page. --- Table body --- $display .= COM_startBlock('Title for page'); $display .= "text/html content goes in here"; $display .= "you can use as many of these as you want."; $display .= COM_endBlock(); --- End Table body --- This sets up the table or block - it's basically a big block constructed using the block structure from the left hand side - so it will work cross-themes... --- Footer section --- $display .= COM_siteFooter(); echo $display ?> --- End footer section --- Adds the right blocks and footer to complete the page. If that looks confusing just take a look at your own 404.php file to see it without my confusing annotations - it's quite straight-forward. This method gives the advantage of allowing static pages with names you choose, ie, http://www.yourdomain.dom/contactme.php etc - the disadvantage, of course, is that the page content is not stored in the database so you may need to consider backing up any pages you create this way in addition to database backup routines. Alternately of course, you could just use HTML code to setup your own tables etc within the staticpage plugin - although this does pose potential problems with respect to integrating with multiple themes. That turned into a bit of a waffle! I'll shut up now!! Cheers, Alan@goddammit.co.uk

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