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Story Order?


I seem to have an unusual problem. Like most sites I would like to have the most recent stories on the top of the page, but this sometimes doesn't happen. I go through the exact same process, but some stories show up at the end of the list rather than the beginning even though the date was recorded correctly. For example, look at the last story on my page http://www.creativenews.com - it's date is newer than the top story, but it's shown at the bottom!!


Just a though: goto your admin box and click on topics. Look at the the one of the story that is missedplaced. Look for a "sort order" field or something like that. It's at the bottom around the max stories field. is it set to 1 or is it different from the other postings that are being placed above it?


I was actually going to report the same bug any day now. This only happens sporadically - as you said, you post a new story and it ends up being placed as the very last one chronologically...yet the date seems to be correct in the listing. But what I've discovered is that if you edit the story, the time and date list boxes are set to the earliest values possible (jan 1 1965 or something) like that. What usually works is resetting the date, Previewing the story, re-checking the Show Topic Icon box (it gets cleared on preview for some reason), checking that the date is correct once more, than re-submitting. Other things like logging out/back in, deleting the story/resubmitting it, etc. don't seem to work. What's really odd is that for a week, I would only experience the problem from my Win2k system at work (mozilla & IE were both tried out). Never had any issues submitting the stories from Mozilla on my WinXP system at home.

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This sounds more like you are experiencing the "12pm bug". When you create a new story between 12 and 1 pm the story date gets set back to something like 1969. This is a known bug and it has already been fixed in CVS - no need to report it again. bye, Dirk

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