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Can't add/edit/delete stories


Hi, Just installed 1.3.5 and everything seems to be working so far, except that I couldn't delete the "Welcome..." story that comes with the software (finally did, directly via mysql), nor could I edit it, or add new stories. I was able to delete/disable the test submissions and poll. I was able to edit the default users and added two new users with no problems there. The problem seems isolated to stories. I get no other outward signs that there's a problem and nothing related in the error log. I try to add a story, hit save and get taken back to an empty story list. End of story, er... so to speak. Any ideas? -cw-

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Is it possible you did not give the DB user for your geeklog DB the permissions to create/delete? Knuckles


Looks like it. Here's what mysqlaccess says: [root@calvin topics]# mysqlaccess apache geeklog --brief Could not open outputfile ~/mysqlaccess.log for debugging-info mysqlaccess Version 2.06, 20 Dec 2000 By RUG-AIV, by Yves Carlier (Yves.Carlier@rug.ac.be) Changes by Steve Harvey (sgh@vex.net) This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Sele Inse Upda Dele Crea Drop Relo Shut Proc File Gran Refe Inde Alte | Host,User,DB ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- + -------------------- Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N N N Y Y Y | localhost,apache,geeklog Also, note that I can add/edit/delete users and topics just fine. This is a fresh RH7.3 install with the latest updates. I would *profusely* appreciate any further help, as this school/parent support site is desparately needing to go live *today*! (and it's looking kinda lackluster with 0 stories...) -cw-


I've been peppering story.php with COM_errorLog() calls and found a clue. The switch($mode) statement in MAIN is being given an empty mode! That gets interpreted as a "Cancel", which explains the lack of error messages. I glanced at the HTML source for the story form and the submit button code looks ok, so not sure what's going on. I've been trying to log the HTTP_POST_VARS and it looks like there aren't any! I used this: COM_errorLog("POST VARS:" . COM_debug($HTTP_POST_VARS),0); Shouldn't that work? Where's my post vars? Why is the world spinning?? 8-o Just for giggles, I'll try a different browser. (IE5.5 currently) -cw-

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