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Anyway to change the default location of /admin directory?


On my server, the www.blah.com/admin directory is reserved for administration of the actual server. Since I have the contents of the public_html/ directory at the root of my webserver, any accesses to www.blah.com/admin/whatever.php are sent to the server administration URL, rather than GeekLog's /admin directory. config.php allows you to change the default location of most of the directories (i.e. system, logs, backend, etc.), but I was surprised to see the you can't change the default location of the admin directory (since I wanted to change it to something other than /admin from the root, say /gl_admin). Is there some hack or quick fix (i.e. a find/replace or something) that I could use to edit lib-common to change all of these? Or is there a way that that could get added to the wishlist for GL's next release? Wink ~g

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This is a bit unique of a situation as 99% of the GL users can use the admin directory right where it is. I don't mind doing the little bit of leg work to let the admin directory...we can try and get this into the next version of Geeklog. ----- The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice.
The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice.


I had the same problem with an e-commerce app I was running, that also used an "admin" folder (my Linux host already used the admin directory for its administrative interface). Instead of trying to change all the references in my app to point to a different directory name, I just changed the server's admin folder to "sysadmin." In other words, the server's admin folder exists in your file system and functions in and of itself, so changing its name shouldn't disable your ability to use it. Good luck!


Hi, Actually, with the "virtual server" that I'm actually using, there's no way to change the /admin directory (the one for server management) to another directory since it is already "built in" to the server and I don't have root access to change anything. *sigh* - oh well... it works half the time if I explicitly specify the target filename under the admin directory - so I guess I'll hafta live w/ it for now... thanks for the suggestion tho! =) ~g


I think the guy use a cobalt machine, and in the case of admin directory, its a apache alias, nothng real like a physical directory.


Actually, it was a RedHat Linux server. My host was Interland.

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