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Welcome to Geeklog Thursday, October 27 2016 @ 02:52 am EDT


Root : Geeklog : AptitudeCMS : 
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Tags: -
Date: 2006-05-05 17:13
Size: 3.72 KB
Version: 0.1
MD5: 10f48d802ba8aa6e4871019cdda6976c
Submitter: Tony
Rating: 0.00
Popularity: 647   POP
Just a set of barebones folders and files needed to get started developing a Geeklog 2 plugin.
Tags: -
Date: 2005-06-01 02:00
Size: 2.37 MB
Version: 0.1.0
MD5: 20e348c91b7d2b8eb6c330998a4a94ec
Submitter: Tony
Web: -
Rating: 4.00(1)
Popularity: 7805   POP
This is a sample 'contact manager' application that illustrates the key components of the Geeklog 2 Framework. If you want to develop for Geeklog 2, this will be a useful learning tool.