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Bad Behavior 2

  • Monday, August 25 2008 @ 10:05 am EDT
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  • Views: 14,943

Michael Hampton has been busy updating Bad Behavior, blocking new spambots and fixing the occasional false positive. Since the Geeklog version of Bad Behavior was a few revisions behind, I've made a new package to update the Geeklog plugin to the latest version 2.0.23.

You can download Bad Behavior 2.0.23 for Geeklog from the download area. For the release notes, please see the Bad Behavior homepage.

glMenu 3.1 Available - Certified for Geeklog version 1.5

  • Wednesday, June 18 2008 @ 12:06 am EDT
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Plugins The glMenu v3.1 plugin is now certified for Geeklog 1.5 and available in the Downloads area at portalparts.com . This version has been tested with the final Geeklog release of version 1.5. The main issue that had to be addressed was support for the updated links plugin in Geeklog 1.5

Benefits of glMenu for your site include:

  • Online admin of your header and block menu
  • Easily create a multi-level menus that can contain any number of menu items
  • Treemenu admin interface - cleanly shows your menu structure
  • URL menuitem that is a basic link to one of your site pages or external link
  • Core Menu item - multiple pre-defined options to easily add to your menu a user block menu, admin menu, login form and more ...
  • PHP Function Menu item: Have a custom plugin or need to dynamically add menu items
  • Define permissions for each submenu(s) or menuitem so that menu's auto configure based on user rights
  • Add images and setup multi-language labels
  • Online colorpicker and style manager to theme your menu. Define different styles for header and block menu as well as their submenus
  • Uses shortcut tags like [siteurl] so that you can easily move your site and links adjust automatically

glMenu 3.0 - Online Menu Editor - Public Release

  • Thursday, June 12 2008 @ 10:16 pm EDT
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  • Views: 7,517
Plugins The glMenu plugin has been available for several years as a premium plugin from portalparts.com but as of now is an un-restricted public download. This plugin has been used on 100's of sites over the past few years and is now even better. This plugin lets you take control of your site header and block menu.

You can create multi-level menu's online and setup the color scheme or style all using the online menu editor. Multiple menu styles are available and version 3.0 has been re-engineered to have an extendable OO class so developers can add new menu styles. Easily now pick and choose the menu style and use the online color picker to theme your site menus. The online menu options are very flexible and you can define menu labels for multiple languages so they switch for the user based on their language preference.

Currently there are three menu styles available but within each style are multiple menu options and colors. Just about any menu style and color combination is supported:

  • Milonic Menu - one of the most popular javascript menus - www.milonic.com
  • Pure CSS Menu
  • ProCSS - like used for the site's header menu on portalparts.com is a CSS style menu with an image based design

Review the wiki docs for more information including the installation and user documentation.

You can download the file and please post your feedback in the forum on portalparts.com

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