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jQuery plugin 1.2 : Code highlighter and CKEditor

  • Wednesday, December 22 2010 @ 04:19 am EST
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  • Views: 7,964
Plugins The new version of jQuery plugin 1.2 has 2 new features: colorized code syntax and advanced editor CKEditor.

Syntax highlighter

Syntax highlighting of code by the jQuery plugin from Lars Corneliussen, based on the work of Alex Gorbachev, is one of the most complete diagram. It also provides functions such as simple and effective "View Code" in a new window, copy it to the clipboard or print it.


CKEditor is the result of the project FCKEditor, the advanced editor already present in the base distribution of Geeklog. To discover this new version, this variant was integrated into jQuery plugin for Geeklog.

Refer to the documentation in the wiki to learn how to enable these new features and how to use them.

Rating plugin version 2.3.1 is out

  • Wednesday, December 15 2010 @ 08:42 am EST
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  • Views: 3,282
Plugins Here is the update of a plugin that allows you to offer your visitors and your members to note, assess and submit their reviews. A system that can either supplement or replace that comment.

With version 2.3.1, there is no need to modify the core. Only the addition of a variable in the template files used to display the score obtained by each story, page or comment. This update corrects a few problems from the previous version and enable the comming paypal plugin to integrate your clients review on each product page if needed.

For more information, please visit the wiki plugin rating page or ask here on the http://geeklog.net forum.

Jquery plugin 1.1 : Bring a nice Feedback form to your site

  • Sunday, December 05 2010 @ 05:12 am EST
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  • Views: 5,592

Stay in touch with users of your site allows you to be more responsive. A function that refuses to work, a inappropriate comment, abroken link, a disgruntled user ... requires that the information will be sent quickly. For this there is the Feedback form.

That is what offers the new version of jQuery plugin for geeklog, with its update. In addition to its previous functions lightbox, date picker, color picker ... you can now add a tab "Feedback" on the side of your pages.

By clicking on the tab, the form and show visitors are invited to enter their name, email address and message. Once validated, the message is sent to the main email address of your site.

View the jQuery plugin documentation

The plugin was updated to the last available jQuery library 1.4.4

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