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Formatting the story submission

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A total newbie here, both to Geeklog, site administration and website back end programming in general.

I am not able to understand how one goes about enabling the advanced editor in Geeklog 2.1.1. I need to center my images and 'justify' the text alignment in the stories that I display on my site. I assume that certain HTML tags can get this job done for me. Yes, I am a total newbie so I will have to google the required HTML Mr. Green

I have Geeklog hosted on a Linux server and I have access to all those php files which were mentioned in some of the solutions I saw in the forum; but I can't find any setting in 'My Account' nor can I find any entry in 'siteconfig.php' where I can set advanced editor to true. So I am a bit confused here, most probably due to being a newbie. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Edit: Also I would like to know if there is some way (HTML code or otherwise) to page really long story submissions. I have articles that are 2-3 pages long on a Word document and I need to break the story in to 3-4 pages; preferably with 'Next' and 'Previous' page options and a 'Jump to page number' option.

If all this is available in the proverbial manual then please direct towards to the manual too, I did go through parts of the documentation but the content page did not look like it had the relevant topics. Thank you

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Welcome to Geeklog ajengine!

To enable the advanced editor in the Geeklog Configuration you need to set the advanced editor option to true. It is found under the users and submissions section (do a search for advanced editor in the config search on your site).

More info can be found here about this option: https://www.geeklog.net/docs/english/config.html#desc_advanced_editor

Once you set this to true you should go to your user profile under "My Account" and under the "Layout & Language" tab make sure make sure your profile has "Use Advanced Editor" checked as well.

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To break a story into multiple pages you need to make sure the page break is enabled in the config. Search for "page_break" in the config and enable the setting.

You then will be able to add:

PHP Formatted Code



to your stories to create 1 or more new pages where you want them.

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