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I take a bether look of http://corab.org/ and some other hiroron sites, and they are fantastic

And i think geek shoul have a somethink like that for demo site.

Because on demo site should be also a best and most usual plugins and there should be a real powerful demonstration of geeklog.
In http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/index.php are to may thinks and there is not a demo for each plugin or even a pictures???

If you didn't post comment in a GSoC 2011 - Call for ideas, i will never find what classefild looks like and what is pay pal plugin and ... many thinks. There is also a slide show...

And there is a reason, that i think geeklog is not usefull, for many thinks i like to have. But it's not true, reason is yust that the ordinary user are not see many of geek functionality and they think that geeklog has not have it.

Geklog is in that years make a big progress and its a shame that is not clear also a ordinary users wich looking for blogs or news,... that we could not represent it. And for that reason many of them use joomla or wp, but there is no easyer and good CMS like geeklog is.

So i think plugin should be presented more user frendly and best plugin should be in a demo site. And in demo site should also be a list all best plugin, with instruction haw to install...

and i think geeklog should got also a profesional geek service for people who don't know how install or change someting, like they have on phpmotion.

Its also a one of chance for developers to get funding to do what they like to do, and for development of new functionality and ideas. And that is also a chance for new css themas.


Here is a statistic

Geeklog 1.7.1 1608 downloads

Here si for plugins
Navigation Manager - Navman plugin 40
Downloads plugin 91
Formmail Static Page 39
Rating plugin version 2.3.1 28
jQuery plugin 1.2 19
Paypal plugin 1.2.1 68

Little betther are statistic for forum, but not so much. So that number are yust a few %, of geeklog downloads.

So from that facts we could talk about where is a problem. One option is that people don't need that or they dont find or know them.

I think there are so good thinks that i dont belive that, people dont need them, even I wich on day base working with geeklog and looking on geeklog once or twice on month am not know that we have formmail static page. And because i dont know that i working with cgibin and similar thinks...


We should change strategy and politic wich is now present in geeklog in totaly difenend, to much, much more user frendly.


Because i realy like somethink to do with betther plugin downloads, i make a blok wiht best plugin. So Dirk and others, if you like you could use it. Maybe you could paste them on right side, before bounties, and put rss on left side.

Best plugins

Editors choice:
. Media Gallery
. Dokuwiki plugin
. Paypal plugin
. Bad Behavio
. Captcha plugin
. jQuery plugin
. SocialShare Plugin 
. Rating plugin
. Navigation Manager
. Metatags plugin
. Chatterblock
» more plugins

If i miss some one of important please add to.

here is a code
Blok title: Best plugins

<p>Editors choice:<br />. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=924" target="_blank" title="Click to download: mediagallery-1.5.1-1.3.11.tar.gz" rel="nofollow">Media Gallery</a></strong><br /> .<strong> <a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1048" target="_blank" title="Click to download: dokuwiki_1.7.1sr1_1.6.0.zip" rel="nofollow">Dokuwiki plugin</a></strong><br>
<strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1047" target="_blank" title="Click to download: forum_2.7.4_1.4.1.zip" rel="nofollow"></a></strong>. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1046" target="_blank" title="Click to download: paypal_1.2.1_1.6.0.zip" rel="nofollow">Paypal plugin</a></strong><br />. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1049" target="_blank" title="Click to download: chatterblock_3.0.2_1.7.1.zip" rel="nofollow">Bad Behavio</a></strong><br />. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1049" target="_blank" title="Click to download: chatterblock_3.0.2_1.7.1.zip" rel="nofollow">Captcha plugin</a></strong><br>. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1041" target="_blank" title="Click to download: jquery_1.2_1.6.0.zip" rel="nofollow">jQuery plugin<br /> </a></strong>. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=987" target="_blank" title="Click to download: socialshare_1.1.zip" rel="nofollow">SocialShare Plugin</a></strong> <br /> . <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1040" target="_blank" title="Click to download: rating_2.3.1_1.4.1.zip" rel="nofollow">Rating plugin<br /> </a></strong>.&nbsp;<strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1030" target="_blank" title="Click to download: navman_0.2.0_1.6.0.tar.gz" rel="nofollow">Navigation Manager<br /> </a></strong><strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1012" target="_blank" title="Click to download: captcha_3.3.0.1_1.4.1.zip" rel="nofollow"></a></strong>. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=962" target="_blank" title="Click to download: metatags-1.0.3_1.5.0.zip" rel="nofollow">Metatags plugin<br /></a></strong>. <strong><a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=1049" target="_blank" title="Click to download: chatterblock_3.0.2_1.7.1.zip" rel="nofollow">Chatterblock</a></strong><br />&raquo; <a href="http://www.geeklog.net/filemgmt/viewcat.php?cid=2">more plugins </a></p>

I think that will, much improve of plugin download and makes a geeklog more popula and also user frendly.

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Regarding the demo site: Installing dozens of plugins on that site would be a nightmare to keep up to date and running (and very confusing for visitors). It's Geeklog's demo site, mainly, not a plugin demo site. Plus, people would then think that all those plugins are part of Geeklog (we actually had complaints that the forum, which is installed on the demo site, is a separate download).

We had a GSoC project for a Plugin Repository that should help promoting plugins better. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten around to rolling it out yet ...

bye, Dirk


Thanks Dirk. I think geeklog should have a bether promotion of plugins and also a CMS, because its is shame that this is no more popular.

I'm manager in one NGO (non goverment organization) and we are working a lot on project where we have good ideas, but they are unknown, and our goal is to share them in public.

I think we should, do more about that part about geeklog in geeklog comunity.

I'm looking now other cms solutions about plugins, and like i told many times befor, geeklok is one of most bombastic cms ever.

Just for info:
http://www.solostream.com/blog/wordpress/top-wordpress-plugins-1/ from 2010
http://wphacks.com/wordpress-plugins/ from 2007 but like i explore best plugins are mostly the same.

And what we could see, geeklog has almost all best plugins or functionality, wich have wp.

But here is small diference wp, has over several mio downloads of most polular plugins. So may goal is geeklog have at least few 1000.

So here is may idea, how to start. If i think like user, and im looking for CMS, what is interesting me?
First of all design of CMS
Second if that cms have features wich i looking for and need
next if CMS have a comunity wich will help me,
and if i have some of my frend wich use that cms.
adn if i could get a profesional supert fro instaltion and modification i need

and what is the advantage over other, like i understant that is a security. I add als simplicity.

Like i soo in that days, geeklog have all that plugins and features, but is not deployed under review, is not connected and is not visible

If you like i could cover that part.

Core of geek counity should agree what goals we have for 2011, i sugest
over 20.000 geeklog 1.8 downloads
and dowloads over 1000 of each of best plugin

We could set higher or smaler number important is that we set them.

Like i see tere is some strong team and programers
wich already offer tehnical and modification suport on their sites

So make a global geeklog supert team for users.

Here is my first sugestion.

When geek user click on plugins, themes, show him a static page wiht description of all best plugins or themes, and link to demo site



I add:

So here is may idea, how to start. If i think like user, and im looking for CMS, what is interesting me?
First of all design of CMS
Second if that cms have features wich i looking for and need

* flexible and easy to use this is the strongest part of geeklog (is more flexible than joomla, and easyer thatn wp.
And this should be highlighted

next if CMS have a comunity wich will help me,
and if i have some of my frend wich use that cms.
and if i could get a profesional suport for instaltion and modification i need


Sory for my bed english, i should read twice before i send it. Grrrrrrrrrr.

I will create a user, so that will not happen again and i could repair

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Ales, there are certainly a lot of fields where Geeklog needs help, marketing goals etc.

I wrote something here http://www.geeklog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=91065
Just today I notice that you had responded to it Idea

The worst problem GL has is to have no visible structure of who is who, how are decissions being made etc.
So, who reads your marketing ideas, who feels responsible to reply?

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Hi Aes,

Thanks for your thoughts on design.

We hope to release a new theme for Geeklog.net this spring. Once that is complete I would like to see Geeklog.net's layout redesigned and new pages created so it is easier to find things.

For this purpose I started this page in the wiki to gather some ideas:


You made some good points so you should add them to the page.

1000ideen makes a good point as well. We do need some pages to explain this type of information. It would make a good entry in the Wiki.

One of the Geeklog Core Developers.

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thanks Tom

Like i see, with 1000ideen, if he will be fot that, we could take over some user frendly, marketing and management things for geek community. Do you for that 100ideen?

For start we could preper some short plan, with objectives and a clear vision about popularity.
And after that we should talk about that, and tugether working on betther geek visibility.

We are not interfere with coding and so... our goal is focused mainly on more user-friendly experience and more geeklog download.

And when i work on NGO and i in realy like open source, you do not need to worry about going too Geeklog in marketing or business direction. And of course I(we) will also consider the philosophy underlying the Guidelines Geeklog

If you agree i could start with work and we could start talking with 1000ideen about metods of working. For start please told me who present core of geek team, that we now each other.

About me i'am from Slovenia 36 year old, and with Gape, we are using geeklog from 2002. And we make a lot of positive and ecological project in geek, and realy like geeklog because it is so simple and powerful.

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For start please told me who present core of geek team, that we now each other.

That is already one of the problems.

There were sort of 3 'head people' who also travelled to Google SOC of which 2 dissappeared without discussion or quarrel. No further interest in developing GL. That is completely o.k. but a bit strange.

There is an email list of GL programmers. They like their list which is o.k. but leads to the fact that there are separate communication channels of programmers and GL users.

There is this forum and website.

Personally I read the email list and also this forum. I try to list feature requests from the discussions here into the bug tracker hoping the programmers read them. Typically programmers like fancy ideas which challenge them. Partly their ideas are being discussed here on the forum and find a good feedback.

The ideas I listed up to now were more in the range of usability, using GL in a large community, multi user blogs etc. There have been many discussions here during the past by GL users.

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