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Welcome to Geeklog Wednesday, April 23 2014 @ 11:16 PM EDT

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 What's the easiest way to remove 'Polls' from the menu?
Anonymous: Steven
 08/07/10 10:55PM (Read 828 times)  

ok.. been searching and trying everything. I just want the easiest way to remove 'Polls' from the menu. I tried using the method here but there is no plugin_getmenuitems_plugin-name function in

I decided to build a static menu and replace all menu items p/ this post but the instructions say " remove all config > Theme > Menu Elements"... only the theme options only let me add elements, not delete any.

I tried uncommenting function CUSTOM_menuEntries () in lib-custom.php but that did nothing. I'm assuming all normal menu entries have to be deleted first? (which seems odd.. shouldn't it be set to override if the function exists at all?)

So anyway.. that's where I sit now. It shouldn't be so hard to remove a menu item, but I can't figure it out.


Anonymous: Steven
 08/07/10 11:32PM  

Nevermind.. finally got it. Further down on my first link, it said another option was just hard coding the links in the header and remove the menu elements code. This worked well. Figured it was going to end up being something easy..

 08/08/10 02:45AM  

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Quote by: Steven

It shouldn't be so hard to remove a menu item

It isn't.

Configuration > Polls > General Polls Settings > Hide Polls Menu Entry?

bye, Dirk

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 01/30/13 04:00PM  

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Thanks Dirk!

I knew I had seen that somewhere before but for the life of me I could not stumble onto it.

See, a 2-1/2 year old post still pertinent. I know many forums frown on posting to elderly topics but by-golly I appreciate the help and wanted to chime-in that this advice is good for GL_1.8.1 (lest any wonder.)

Know we know!

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