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Error Occured



I have try to install Geeklog with the french Tutorial and i have problem :

I have this message after the second step :

Unfortunately, an error has occurred rendering this page. Please try again later.

At this adress :


I have write good information on config.php .... i think so Smile

Can you help me ?

Thanks you and sorry for my english, i'm french



I send you the famous document :


$_DB_host = 'localhost'; // host name or IP address of your DB server
$_DB_name = 'web162-yakadire2'; // name of your database,
// must exist before running the installer!
$_DB_user = 'web162-yakadire2'; // MySQL user name
$_DB_pass = 'albator1984'; // MySQL password

// The table prefix is prepended to each table used by Geeklog to avoid name
// collisions with other tables that may already exist in your database.
$_DB_table_prefix = 'gl_'; // e.g. 'gl_'

This is Path setting :

// You only need to change this if you moved or renamed the public_html
// directory. In that case, you should specify the complete path to the
// directory (i.e. without the $_CONF['path']) like this:
// $_CONF['path_html'] = '/path/to/your/public_html/';
$_CONF['path_html'] = $_CONF['path'] . '/home/sites/yakadire.net/';

This is site Setting :

// Make sure this is the correct URL to your site, i.e. to where Geeklog's
// index.php file resides (no trailing slash).
$_CONF['site_url'] = 'http://www.yakadire.net';

// Some hosting services have a preconfigured admin directory. In that case,
// you need to rename Geeklog's admin directory to something like "myadmin"
// and change the following URL as well. Leave as is until you experience any
// problems accessing Geeklog's admin menu.
$_CONF['site_admin_url'] = $_CONF['site_url'] . '/admin';

// This is the return address for all email sent by Geeklog and contact info
// displayed in syndication feeds:
$_CONF['site_mail'] = 'admin@example.com';

// Name and slogan of your site
$_CONF['site_name'] = 'Geeklog Site';
$_CONF['site_slogan'] = 'Another Nifty Geeklog Site';

Where i have make error ? Thank you for your help.... I want really work with this CMS Smile


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