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"Add a link" not working?


I'm not sure where to turn to, as this seems to be a default plugin, but I guess the plugin section is my best chance. I've searched the forum for 'links' and 'add link' and 'add a link' but my problem doesn't seem to be in there..

I have installed Geeklog 1.4.1. In the plugin list the 'links' plugin is available, and it appears amongst the other links (contribute, stats, advanced search, etc). However, I am unable to add a link. If I choose add a link (logged in as administrator with - if i'm correct - all rights) it accepts it and tells me it will appear as soon as it is accepted. Since I am admin, this seems odd to me. Not to fear, I click 'submission' in my admin panel, expecting to see the link that is to be approved there. No such luck. I've tried every (yes every) available admin panel option, and I just don't see the link anywhere. Since, with the dokuwiki plugin, I had to use the safemodehack, I figured it might be something with rights (as in 'maybe geeklog isn't allowed to create the link but thinks that is has been created'? Neutral ), so I chmodded the path-to-geeklog/plugins/links to 777, as well as the public_html/links, but that didn't help either.

I hope someone has seen this before.

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Not sure why the Add a Link button would not be working but the links are stored in the database so changing te priveliges of the link directories will not do anything.

Is the rest of the geeklog site working? Can you submit stories, add polls, etc..

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I don't know if I can add a poll, because I can't find a 'add poll' link anywhere Frown


Damn, I found the link problem: The Root user doesn't have access to link.edit and link.moderate by default. Fixed that, and poll.edit as well, but I still don't have an add a poll option..


Quote by: Diana

... The Root user...

Correct that to: "None of the Admin users has these rights"

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Sounds like something's very wrong with your install. Is this a fresh install or an upgrade from an earlier version?

bye, Dirk


It's a fresh install (I did add dokuwiki using the integration thing, but this shouldn't make a difference, right?)
What I've done now is created a user group that has rights to edit and moderate links and to edit polls, and added the admin (= me duh) to this group. It seems to work now, but it still makes me wonder why all these admin things exist when it's not an exhaustive list.. :S

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