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function plugin_centerblock_staticpages()

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This function doesn't take the topic into account when checking to see if a page has a featured story or not. That means that if I've set a staticpage centerblock to display after a featured story in a particular topic, and no featured story exists, then that block wont be displayed at all.

the relevant code is:
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    // If there are no featured stories, we won't be called with $where == 2.
    // So, if asked to display pages for the top of the page, check if we
    // have pages to be displayed after the featured story and if there is
    // no featured story, display those pages as well.
    if (($where == 1) && ($_CONF['showfirstasfeatured'] == 0)) {
        if (DB_count ($_TABLES['stories'], 'featured', 1) == 0) {
            // no featured story found - redefine $moresql
            $moresql = "(sp_where = 1 OR sp_where = 2) AND ";
            $displayFeatured = true;

Perhaps try (if the topic is not empty):
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DB_count($_TABLES['stories'], array('featured', 'tid'), array(1, $topic))

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