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Creating your own "read more" text

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Here's an interesting little problem: How do you make the text for the "read more" link (from the index page, when a story has a non-empty body text) dynamic? For example, the Serendipity blog software has "read more" links that read

Continue reading "story title here"

How would you do that with Geeklog?

Here's the solution. It requires Geeklog 1.4.1, which now calls CUSTOM_templateSetVars (in lib-custom.php) for every story. It also makes use of a tiny little feature of our template library that we don't use anywhere else in Geeklog: You can request the value of a template variable.

Text Formatted Code
function CUSTOM_templateSetVars ($templatename, &$template)
    if (($templatename == 'featuredstorytext') || ($templatename == 'storytext') || ($templatename == 'archivestorytext')) {
        if (strpos ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'article.php') === false) {
            $title = $template->get_var ('story_title');
            if (!empty ($title)) {
                $readmore = $template->get_var ('lang_readmore');
                if (empty ($readmore)) {
                    $template->set_var ('my_readmore', '');
                } else {
                    $template->set_var ('my_readmore', 'Continue reading "' . $title . '"');

So the trick is to call get_var for the story's title and the "lang_readmore" variable. The latter is not set when the story's body text is empty. So if that's the case, we don't set the "my_readmore" variable. Otherwise, we use the title to build the link.

And in the story templates, we simply use this then:
Text Formatted Code

This entires construct disappears when the story's body text is empty. Otherwise, we get a story link à la Serendipity.

bye, Dirk

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That's pretty slick, Dirk! Works like a charm. Thanks!

- D

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