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RSS feed in static page


I was wondering of there was any way to add an external RSS feed to a static page in a center block.
Thanks, Chris

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Try a search - this has been discussed before.

bye, Dirk


I found a way, but it was a version of the rss in a javascript format.
It actually comes up pretty nice.
It may not be available for what you are wanting.
There probably is a way to get the rss to show up but it's beyond me.

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You will have to do some coding and do a static page excuting PHP. I use PEAR RSS Parser. You can find it here:


Here is an example of what my Static Page Looks like:

Text Formatted Code

require_once "/server/example/public_html/XML_RSS-0.9.2/RSS.php";

$rss =& new XML_RSS("http://www.mygeeksite.net/backend/example.rdf");

$display .= "Latest Example News<br>";

foreach ($rss->getItems() as $item) {
    $title = stripslashes ($item['title']);
    $display .= "<li><a href="" . $item['link'] . "">"  .$title . "</a><br>";

echo $display;


Hope this helps.
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Just thought I'd add -

Folks on hosting providers may be constrained to use the 'PEAR tree' that comes with GeekLog itself. It is located in ~public_htmlsystempear.

You use this 'local' PEAR distribution by setting the $_CONF['have_pear'] option to false in config.php.

What I ran into was that while my hosting provider had installed PEAR (it is commonly found in /usr/lib/php/pear), I was unable to download and install the XML_RSS package, and the XML_Parser package that it depends on.

What I was able to do is 'hack' these packages into the GL-provided PEAR tree, by doing the following:

1) Download the XML_RSS package from:


2) untar, and move RSS.php (only) to the ~/public_html/system/pear directory.

3) Download the XML_Parser package from:


4) Untar, and move 'Parser.php' to the ~/public_html/system/pear/XML directory.

5) Create a directory: ~/public_html/system/pear/XML/Parser

6) Move 'Simple.php' (from the 'Parser' subdirectory created when you unpacked the .tgz) to the ~/public_html/system/pear/XML/Parser directory you just created.

7) To use: require_once( $_CONF['path] . "/system/pear/RSS.php" ), and then follow the rest of tmarquez's instructions!

BTW - this is not at all how you should install PEAR packages, but these packages seemed simple enough to allow this sort of brute-force insertion method.

It would be very kewl if the GL folks included these packages in the local PEAR tree for the next version of GL.

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