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Google News Cant Crawl My Site

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Most search engine friendly URL FAQ's say stay away from ? in the URL. I also found an article thats over four years old that talks about search engine friendly URLs and specifically applies to how GeekLog does its url-rewrite.

There was previously one major drawback to this method. Google, and perhaps other search engines, would not index pages set up in this manner, as they interpreted the URL as being malformed. I contacted a Software Developer at Google and made them aware of the problem and I am happy to announce that it is now fixed.

That was four years ago and according to the author was fixed.

So far all the articles I have ran into pretty much do it the way GeekLog does it. Except geeklog does not perform rewrites on topics, such as,


I guess its possible that this may throw off a bot.

More on the subject of url:

In addition to being more difficult to index, the URLs with the question marks in them do not take advantage of search engine algorithms that give points for search terms found in the actual URL. A URL like http://www.bookstore.com/books/legal_thriller/john_grisham/best_seller.html will receive extra points over a generic URL like http://www.bookstore.com/book.asp?ID=54321 when searching for "John Grisham books" as the keywords searched for are included in the URL.



Canned answers...yes, I agree with you one of my GL news sites was indexed by google news more than 2 years without having any issue.
They dropped me 2 months ago because the site was not updated for a couple days due to a technical problem..

Now they are telling me they are not able to add it ..They pass the issue to their tecnical guys...

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Quote by samstone: OK, here is my little help with what my little brain can come up with.

I think Google has given you guys a canned answer without investigating specificly what their system can't list you. They list my site with no problem so far. I use basic GL installation without even having url rewrite turned on. The only tweek is removing the hyperlink from the full article's title.

- For both Zimdaily.com and Balita.com, I think the problem could be that you forward your domain root to a sub directory (new2 or html).

- For Balita.com, you would need to remove the hyperlink from the full article title.

Other than that I don't see any problem.


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I've just upgraded to 1.4sr1, from 3.11, and now google news has stopped crawling my site, I used the same code before, to generate the headline url link and name and its the same news template and it looks like its working but google news doesn't pick the news up anymore...any ideas?
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