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Word Verification to avoid comment spam


Is there a plugin available like the new feature in blogger that requires the user to type a verification word before submitting a comment?

The word verification shows up as a random word displayed as an image which automated scripts cant read. Only people can read it to type in the word. That way, you can allow annonymous commenting. Just wondering if this was available for blogger yet.

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In other words: a CAPTCHA. See previous discussion.

bye, Dirk


Quote by Dirk:
Quote by Peter Leftwich: PS. Surprised Doh! - that was a mistake this blogging site does not use authimage to make sure someone is a person and not a bot / script. Authimage is that random image creator where the user has to type in a code such as A5PRFT and it is written at weird odd angles.

Also known as a CAPTCHA.

Personally, I hate those. First of all, they are blocking blind persons (generally all those with vision problems). They also block people using text browsers. And even with good eyesight, it's often hard to make out the distorted figures ("is that a digit or a letter?"). Plus, spammers have found ways around them (although they have to be really desperate then).

I think the tools we have (Spam-X, Bad Behavior, the Ban plugin, and .htaccess) are doing the job just fine.

bye, Dirk

So, I don't get it...just because you don't like them means its not an option? Clearly if blogger.com and ticketmaster.com use things like this, it doen't have that negative of an impact. And text only and blind users can get around it by just creating a user account. In the mean time, people who just want to post quick and easy could do so with something like this.

It should be an optional feature for webmasters to add if they wish. If you don't like the idea, don't use it on your site. But why limit everyone?

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