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Removing email validation


I needed to remove the email validation because I wanted to pre-load Geeklog with member information and not risk having emails sent to the members during testing.

Be careful with this hack. It is not recommended for use during a live version of Geeklog because many features of Geeklog are dependant on having the member's email address on file.

In the user.php file in public_html/admin/, I replaced:

Text Formatted Code

    if (!empty ($username) && !empty ($email)) {

        if (!COM_isEmail ($email)) {
            return edituser ($uid, 52);



Text Formatted Code

    if (!empty ($username)) {


To also remove it for members (if you want to login as the member), make the following adjustment to usersettings.php in public_html/

Text Formatted Code

//-------HIDE EMAIL VALIDATION---------------
//    if (!COM_isEmail ($A['email'])) {
//        return COM_refresh ($_CONF['site_url']
//                . '/usersettings.php?mode=edit&msg=52');
//    } else if (emailAddressExists ($A['email'], $_USER['uid'])) {
//        return COM_refresh ($_CONF['site_url']
//                . '/usersettings.php?mode=edit&msg=56');
//    } else {
//-------END HIDE------------------
{        if ($_US_VERBOSE) {
            COM_errorLog('cooktime = ' . $A['cooktime'],1);


Please note the extra "{" after the //-------END HIDE------------------

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